Best Screenrecorders for recording Gameplay

For Windows
These work best on Windows
Well I think the best recorder on Windows is probably Bandicam because of how it compresses it’s video so easily! It uploads fast because of it’s smaller size. It also has an option for a resolution of 1080! Of course, maybe setting it up is a hassle.
For Mac
These best work on Mac
Just to avoid the hassle of Bandicam’s setup (also on Mac) I would go with old fashioned QuickTime Player. It has a screen recording function, and audio recording function and integrates easily with iMovie easily to edit it. I use it for my Minecraft/Roblox videos and it works great! Just search QuickTime in Spotlight to find it.
For iOS
Well iOS require’s you to jailbreak to get it now, here is my favorite one: RecordMyScreen. Since it is an iOS device running it, it is pretty buggy. All the others though, crash every 2 minutes. One bug includes recording the video in one file and the audio in a separate file without compressing them together. Recently I found out that a non-jailbreak screen recorder is being released on! It has a fix for all of the bugs and is called iRec. You should follow them on Twitter to find out more!

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